14 - Junkers Ju 88 vol. II (without decals)

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Available copies without decals !

3014 Junkers Ju 88 vol. II – Krzysztof Janowicz – ISBN 83-89088-59-2

The second part of the monograph on the Junkers Ju 88 constitutes a thorough insight into the combat use of Luftwaffe bomber units equipped with Ju 88s. Their utility in air warfare against the Royal Navy, in the Balkans, Russia and Africa together with the Western Campaign and Battle of Britain is thoroughly described, including their duties as torpedo bombers and locomotive hunters. Ju 88’s service in the Rumanian, Hungarian, Finnish and French air forces is also covered.
English & Polish text, 160 pages, 178 photos, 38 sheets of 1:48 and 1:72 scale drawings, which include specification of external changes in production-run versions of the aircraft, 7 pages of colour charts with 10 examples of camouflage schemes.
Free decal sheet with 1:48 and 1:72 individual markings for 4 schemes:
Ju 88 A-4, ‘3Z+AC’ of Stab II./KG 77, Gerbini, Sicily, October 1942,
Ju 88 A-4, ‘4D+DN’ of 5./KG 30, Villafranca, Italy, autumn 1943,
Ju 88 A-14, ‘S4+AL’ of 3./KGr 106, Dinard, France, summer 1942,
Ju 88 S-3, ‘B’ of I./KG 66, Montdidier, France, winter 1943/1944.